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12/11/2013 - 11:41

Annual Lake Eymir Tree Planting Festival, which led to the creation of the ODTÜ forest, took place on Sunday, 3 November 2013 with a record number of 14,000 participants. Residents of Ankara joined our students, graduates and staff for the event. Alumni Clubs from Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Kayseri, Eskişehir and Ege also joined us at Lake Eymir.

The participants planted trees on a designated hill, making the total number of trees planted at ODTÜ reach 13,000 in the last 10 days. The campaign we launched last month aims to see a total of 300,000 trees planted in the ODTÜ forest.

Following the planting of trees at Lake Eymir's Gölbaşı entrance, various performances took place at Kayıkhane region. The performances of ODTÜ Capoeira Club, Couple Dances Club, Jugglers Club, Turkish Folk Sciences Club and ODTÜ Personnel Folk Dances Club were followed by the Republic Race and Rowing Competition. Organized each year during the Republic Week, the Republic Race attracted a record number of participants this year. While until today a maximum of 800 racers competed at one time, this year 1,550 sports lovers of all ages ran in the race. The event was broadcast live by Radio ODTÜ all day. At the same time, ODTÜ Rowing Club members competed in sculls, pairs and fours races.

Visuals from ODTÜ archives were displayed at various parts of the lake to reveal how ODTÜ has embraced its forest, nature, Lake Eymir and the entire city. 12,000 brochures on “The Nature of ODTÜ”, “ODTÜ Forest” and “Lake Eymir” were also distributed throughout the day. The visuals and brochures were prepared by the staff of Architecture and Biological Sciences Departments.

Our sponsors partially funded the refreshments and tshirts we gave out. Likewise, a transport company provided free vehicles for the day. Our administrative staff ensured that the festival was a success throughout.

We thank all ODTÜ members, Alumni Clubs, friends of ODTÜ and nature-lovers from Ankara who joined us at “ODTÜ Lake Eymir Tree Planting Festival”.

Their enthusiastic participation and support shows that our campaign “300,000 Trees for ODTÜ” will soon reach its aim.


"The Nature of ODTÜ"
"ODTÜ Forest"
"Lake Eymir"