At Middle East Technical University, an international advisory board has been established to develop and manage internationalization strategies, support international collaboration and exchange programs, strengthen academic evaluations, imbue our research with a global perspective, and provide guidance in research areas.

The following scientists, listed in alphabetical order by surname, are the members of our international advisory board:

Prof. Peter Agre

2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Prof. Dr. Eng. Yusuf Altıntaş

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Prof. Dr. Nurcan Baç

Deputy Dean, Whitacre College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, Texas, USA

Dr. William Colglazier

Former US Secretary of State and Science and Technology Advisor

Co-Chair of the National Academy of Sciences' Global Science Diplomacy Roundtable

Prof. Dr. Oya Atalay Franck

Dean, ZHAW School of Architecture, Design, and Civil Engineering, Winterthur, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lenz

Chair of the Particle Physics Department, University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany

Prof. Dr. Oya I. Tukel

Dean, Martin Tuchman School of Management, New Jersey, USA