Graduate programs are administered by Graduate Schools. Masters programs are two-year programs leading to the Masters of Science (M.S.) or Masters of Arts (M.A.). Some departments have options of Masters with thesis or without thesis and some departments offer an evening Masters Program without thesis. Doctoral programs lead to a Ph.D.

* Degrees Offered: 
 With thesis
(2) Without thesis
(3) Evening program without thesis

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Program Degrees Offered*
Aerospace Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Archaeometry M.S. (1,2) Ph.D
Architecture M.ARCH. (1) Ph.D.
Biochemistry M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Biology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Biotechnology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Building Science M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Cement Engineering M.S. (1,2)  
Chemical Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Chemistry M.S. (1) Ph.D.
City and Regional Planning   Ph.D.
City Planning M.C.P. (1)  
Civil Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies in Architecture
METU - TU Delft International Joint Master of Science Program
M.S. (1)  
Computer Education and Instructional Technology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Computer Engineering M.S. (1,3) Ph.D.
Conservation of Cultural Heritage M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Earth System Science M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Earthquake Studies M.S. (1)  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Engineering Management M.S. (3)  
Engineering Sciences M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Environmental Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Environmental Management M.S. (3)
Food Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Geodetics - Geographical Information Technologies M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Geological Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Hydrosystems Engineering M.S. (3)  
Industrial Design M.S. (1) Ph.D
Industrial Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Mathematics M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.

Mathematics Education

M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing M.S. (3)  
Mechanical Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Micro and Nanotechnology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Mining Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Molecular Biology and Genetics M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Neuroscience & Neurotechnology
(ODTÜ - Hacettepe University Joint Ph.D. Program)
Occupational Health and Safety M.S. (1,2)  
Operational Research M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Physics M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Polymer Science and Technology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Regional Planning M.C.P. (1)  

Science Education

M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Secondary Science and Mathematics Education M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Software Engineering M.S. (3)  
Statistics M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Structural Mechanics M.S. (3)  
Urban Design M.C.P. (1)  
Graduate School of Social Sciences
Program Degrees Offered*
Area Studies   Ph.D.
Asian Studies M.S. (2)  
Business Administration M.B.A. (1,2) Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Early Childhood Education M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Economics M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Educational Administration and Planning M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Educational Sciences M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Elementary Education M.S. (1)  
Elementary Science and Mathematics Education M.S. (1)  
English Language Teaching M.A. (1) Ph.D.
English Literature M.A. (1) Ph.D.
Eurasian Studies M.A. (1,2)  
European Integration M.S. (3)  
European Studies M.S. (1,2)  
Executive MBA M.B.A. (3)  
Family Psychology M.S. (3)  
Gender and Women's Studies M.S. (1,2)  
German-Turkish Social Sciences
(METU - Humboldt Dual Degree Program)
M.A. (2)  
Psychological Counseling and Guidance M.S. (1) Ph.D.
History M.S. (1) Ph.D.
History of Architecture M.A. (1) Ph.D.
Human Resources Development in Education M.A. (3)  
Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.S. (2)  
International Relations M.S. (1,3) Ph.D.
Latin and North American Studies M.S. (1,2)  
Media and Cultural Studies M.S. (1,2,3)  
Middle East Studies M.S. (1,2)  
Philosophy M.A. (1) Ph.D.
Physical Education and Sports M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Political Science and Public Administration M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Psychology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Science and Technology Policy Studies M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Settlement Archaeology M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Social Anthropology M.S. (1)  
Social Policy M.S. (1,2)  
Sociology M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Graduate School of Marine Sciences
Program Degrees Offered*
Marine Biology and Fisheries M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Marine Geology and Geophysics M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Oceanography M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Graduate School of Informatics
Program Degrees Offered*
Bioinformatics M.S. (1)  
Cognitive Sciences M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Cyber Security M.S. (1,2)
Data Informatics M.S. (1)
Multimedia Informatics M.S. (1) Ph.D.
Informatics On-line M.S. (3)  
Information Systems M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Medical Informatics M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Modeling and Simulation M.S. (3)  
Software Management M.S. (3)  
Graduate School of Applied Mathematics
Program Degrees Offered*
Actuarial Sciences M.S. (1,2)  
Cryptography M.S. (1,2) Ph.D.
Financial Mathematics M.S. (1,2) Ph.D
Scientific Computing M.S. (1,2) Ph.D
METU Northern Cyprus Campus
Program Degrees Offered*
Computer Engineering M.S (1)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering M.S (1)
Mechanical Engineering M.S (1)
Political Science & International Relations M.S (1)  
Sustainable Environment & Energy Systems M.S (1)  
Teaching English as a Foreign Language M.A. (1)