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About this Web Site

Web pages presented under and domains are designed and maintained by METU Computer Center - Informatics Group (CC-IG). CC-IG has no responsibility over the other sites with the and extensions since, such web sites are developed under the authority of departments, offices and persons.

Although every effort is made to ensure that the information held on the METU web site is accurate at the date of issue, CC-IG cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences thereof.

Any enquiries about METU web site should be sent via Enquiries about METU in general, its departments, courses, staff, applications, admissions, activities etc., should be made via the telephone numbers or the e-mail addresses indicated on the Contact Information page.

CC-IG Team

CC-IG is the web design team at METU Computer Center. The mission of the team is to provide the users, not only from METU but also from Türkiye and all around the world, with information about METU, as well as providing them with various alternatives of obtaining knowledge and building communication with web tools.

METU Web Site Archive

METU Web Site Archive lists the previous designs of METU web homepages, which were in service between years 1994-2016.

Search on METU Web Site
The search tool located on the top of the METU web site provides the visitors with the chance to search for keyword(s) in either the pages with the extension (including the domains belonging to departments/units at METU) or throughout the world wide web. The free service offered by the well-known search engine software Google is utilized for this purpose. Google indexes the web pages after a period, therefore the updates may not be immediately reflected on METU indexes. Broken links or in-up-to-date information can be found as far as a search has been handled through Google. CC-IG does not accept liability for these broken links or in-up-to-date information.
Web Pages of Academic/Administrative Departments/Units

METU departments and units maintain their own web pages on the central web server or on their own servers. The content layout and the graphical design they use may well vary from that of the METU homepage. CC-IG has no responsibility over these sites since, such web pages are developed under the authority of departments, offices and persons. Please contact the related department/unit in case a problem or question arises.

URL addresses with "" and/or "" extension may be defined for web pages owned by departments, units, student clubs and teams. And those web pages are linked from relevant pages of METU web site, if it is appropriate.

In case departments, units, student clubs and teams host their web pages on external servers other than METU central servers, those pages may face technical problems which may not be interfered by METU Computer Center. Therefore, such pages with extension other than "" and/or "" (e.g. .com, .org) are not linked from pages of METU web site. Web pages hosted on external servers, if requested by their owners, may be hosted on METU central servers. Detailed information about terms of hosting service and application procedures can be found in

"All rights reserved." Statement

This statement claims the following issues:

  • The content layout and graphical design can not be copied and used by any individual or institution, as exactly the same as METU web site's layout and design. In case it is demanded and approved by METU Computer Center, individuals or institutions can make use of the layout and the design partially.
  • The visual and auditory elements and the multimedia products contained in METU web pages, including the graphical design, the images, the icons, logos and banners, the photographs, the maps and the drawings, can only be used in case METU is denoted as the origin of these elements.
  • Textual material contained in METU web site, can only be used in case METU is denoted as the origin of these materials.