METU’s mission is to attain excellence in research, education and public service for society, humanity and nature by nurturing creative and critical thinking, innovation and leadership within a framework of universal values. Within this scope, every member of METU community adopts the following honour code as one of the core principles of academic life and strives to develop an academic environment where continuous adherence to this code is promoted.

“The members of the METU community are reliable, responsible and honourable people who embrace only the success and recognition they deserve, and act with integrity in their use, evaluation and presentation of facts, data and documents.”

METU, together with its members, realizes its goals in research, education and community services by considering the METU Honour Code and the following Core Values:


Commitment to Campus Heritage

METUnians are devoted to the METU campus as a cultural heritage and stake a claim to it as the campus enables the creation and institutionalization of a common culture with its relatively autonomous location in a human-grown forest, its set-up that collects all its units in a spatial continuity, its spaces and deep-rooted history that have ingrained in social memory, and offers an opportunity for the internalization of an aesthetic sensation with the impact of  its unique architecture, landscape, works of art and events that realize within.

Cooperative Individualism

When expressing their individual opinions and values, students, administrative and academic staff at METU act together irrespective of their titles, positions and units, and exhibit readiness to meet challenges with their libertarian attitudes.


METUnians take their decisions based on objective data and information, independent of external manipulations and without allowing conflicts of interest; they fulfill their duties with a sense of responsibility in light of ethical values, scientific criteria and the rule of law.

High Academic Quality

METUnians embrace the environment which enables the ability to follow scientific developments at an international level and to contribute to such developments, and which motivates the desire for learning and research, the conduct of scientific research and education at high standards in a framework of universal ethical principles, and the community of students and faculty selected, again through high standards, as the fundamental constituents of METU’s high academic quality.

Informed Self-Confidence

With an awareness of the boundaries of their knowledge, ability and authority, METUnians act boldly and resolutely in fulfilling their responsibilities and solving the issues they encounter, and when necessary, self-criticize.

Innovativeness and Leadership

METUnians follow and implement novel methods and approaches in technology, education, research and management, and develop unique systems, programs and constructs that will serve as models in line with the needs of the society and universities.

Investigative Approach

METUnians adopt an investigative/critical approach before making a judgment, while accessing information, conducting scientific research, or when social issues are in question, and come to a conclusion by analyzing cases in an objective manner. 


Embracing the fact that their success and positions are deserved rights as a natural consequence of their competence and perseverance, METUnians safeguard that recruitment and other evaluation processes are conducted on the basis of objective standards and self-efficacy.

Respect for Humanity

While METUnians consider and protect the rights and freedoms of others, they regard diversity as a wealth, oppose any kind of discrimination and exhibit an unbiased, egalitarian approach based on respect to humanity in all their relations.

Scientific Freedom

METUnians deem the conduct of scientific research and development, education and training activities without being subject to pressures and influences other than scientific criteria, and the creation of free discussion environments to this end, as the invariable conditions of scientific freedom.

Sensitivity to the Natural Environment

METUnians regard the forest cultivated on the university’s land and the ecological diversity within as a value; they attach importance to its conservation and improvement, and, in general, strive for the creation of sensitivity towards the natural environment and the spread of protectionist tendencies.

Social Responsibility

METUnians are responsive to social problems and develop opinions on solutions to them, conduct social responsibility projects and engage in outreach activities for the widespread internalization of science and the scientific approach by the society.

Academic Integrity Guide for Students: