"Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) will be elaborated on the 47th Earth Day, which has been celebrating in more than 175 countries since 1970 and is aimed at attracting attention to environmental issues and climate change.

At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, 17 global targets, which 193 countries signed, have been identified. SDGs provide a good framework for addressing the environment and climate in all aspects. 

Why are these issues being discussed by the whole Earth? Why did we even hear about climate change at Oscar awards? What is going on at scientific field about environment and climate? Why are species disappearing? If there is global warming, why weather is getting cold? Is it too late for us to do anything about global climate change? What is Turkey doing in these issues? In this seminar, you will find answers to many of those kind questions.

We are expecting all of you to the "Sustainable Development Goals in the Earth Day" Seminar which is organized by ODTÜ Community and Science Application and Research Center together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network and its youth initiative.

The seminar will be held on 24 April 2017 Monday between 13: 00 and 17: 30 at ODTÜ KKM B Hall. The seminar will include the following  11 topics listed below: 

  • A brief introduction of 17 SDGs
  • Zero Hunger (SDG-2)
  • Gender Equality (SDG-5)
  • Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG-7)
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-8)
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG-9)
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG-11)
  • Climate Action (SDG-13)
  • Life below Water (SDG-14)
  • Life on Land(SDG-15)
  • Turkey  & SDGs

Competent  scientists from distinct  departments from ODTÜ as well as recognized  representative from WWF Turkey, Head of Environment and Sustainable Development from Ministry of Development, ODTÜ representative of SDSN Turkey and the representative of Arçelik A.Ş. will contribute to the seminar. 

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