Middle East Technical University is among the Top 100 Universities by Reputation which was recently announced by Times Higher Education (THE) on 15 March 2012. METU is the first and the only Turkish university that is included in this list.

"THE World Reputation Rankings 2012" includes universities that are identified as “excellent” in research and education by academics from various countries. It is declared that the ratings are based on the evaluations of more than 17,000 academics from 6,000 universities in almost 150 countries selected by THE. The academics are selected on the basis of their experience (average of 16 years) and number of publications (average of 50 publications). The academics chosen for the survey are asked questions such as “Which university would you send your most successful graduates to for the best graduate education?”

As in the previous years, universities from the developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany have the highest representation in the 2012 list. METU’s inclusion in the “Top 100 Universities by Reputation” list is seen as a major source of prestige for Turkey as well as METU, because universities from only 19 countries are represented in the 2012 rankings.  Many countries such as Russia, India, Spain, Austria, Italy and Ireland do not have universities in the top 100 list.  

The success of METU can be attributed to the success of our graduates in leading world universities, to the significant rise in research collaborations, scientific publications and citations of our faculty, as well as to the positive impressions of academics worldwide who have visited METU.

We congratulate and express our sincere thanks to our faculty members, administrative staff, students and graduates for their contribution to this well-deserved recognition.

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