Dear ODTÜ community and nature lovers,

We are carrying on the tradition of “planting trees” with the support of ODTÜ community and nature lovers since the foundation of the university. We are all proud of the ODTÜ forest which we have created with years of effort “in the middle of the steppes”. As you may remember, I declared during the “Lake Eymir Tree Planting Festival” on November, 3rd, 2013, that we are going to keep looking after our forest and Lake Eymir and we will start a campaign to plant 300 thousand new plants.

I gladly announce that our collaborations with the ODTÜ Development Foundation have come to an end, and our campaign has started. I would like to thank the ODTÜ Development Foundation for their contribution.

The aim of the campaign we have started with the slogan “One Tree from You, One Forest from Us” is to expand the forest area in the ODTÜ terrain and address the community to take part in this activity for leaving a livable environment to the generations to come. Carried out by the ODTÜ Development Foundation as their 30th year event, the campaign will start with the planting of the degraded forest areas and the bare areas around Ahlatlibel and Lake Eymir. By the time we have reached our goal of 300 thousand trees, we will have rehabilitated and made productive a forest with a size of 2560 decares, and will have planted bare areas and degraded forests with size of 1000 decares.

With the "One Tree from You, One Forest from Us" campaign, not only the hiking area around Lake Eymir will be enlarged but also the neighboring environment will improve aesthetically. We also hope to enlarge and protect the habitat of the wildlife indigenous to Central Anatolia like wolfs, foxes, grouse, rabbits, snakes, reptiles and also over a 140 breeds of birds.

We have established a website for the campaign "One Tree from You, One Forest from Us". We are aware that there are friends who have missed or haven’t been able to participate in our previous tree planting activities. With this campaign we are presenting an opportunity to all nature lovers and to the ODTÜ community to be a part of this effort supporting our cause of helping the environment and claiming the ODTÜ Forest. Nature lovers and members of ODTÜ community who would like to support us in fulfilling our dream can receive detailed information from this address:

With this campaign we aim to take care of our environment by protecting the ODTÜ Forest and Lake Eymir with the help of our members, students, graduates and nature lovers. We hope to be together to plant the trees that the campaign provides us. The first activity regarding tree planting will take place with a Festival on April, 20th, 2014, at Ahlatlıbel.

Dear ODTÜ Community and nature lovers,

We are expecting your support to our campaign "One Tree from You, One Forest from Us" which is made possible by our university and the ODTÜ Development Foundation. Information regarding how you may participate can be viewed in our web site ( We are expecting ODTÜ community and nature lovers to actively support this campaign, and also encourage their acquaintances to take part in it. I believe that together, we can achieve our goal in a very short time.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar


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