16th METU International Republic Cup, the biggest and most prestigious dance tournament of Turkey, which is organized by our university's Dance Sport Club, will be held on November 4-5, 2017 at METU Sports Hall.

The event, which acts under the auspices of World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) since 2009, will draw more than 350 athletes of different age groups representing 20 different nations. The competitions will be judged by 13 internationally licensed adjudicators. According to the number, diversity and quality of the couples and adjudicators, METU Republic Cup is ranked in the top-10 of all the dance sport competitions organized by WDSF.

The initial rounds between 9am-5pm on both days will be followed by two spectacular evening programs which will start at 6pm on Saturday and 7pm on Sunday. During the gala programs, the audience will have chance to watch many couples who are listed among the top-50 dance athletes in the world ranking list. Many other Dance Ensembles will also perform impressive shows choreographed specially for this event. The evening programs will be webcasted live via event's website.

The tickets for the event can be obtained from the ticket desk at METU Carsi or through email via metuopen.ticket@gmail.com. There will also be a ticket booth at the METU Sports Hall on the competition days.

We welcome all our students, personnel and alumni to METU Sports Hall on the weekend November 4-5, to celebrate the 94th anniversary of foundation of the Turkish Republic together with many guests from all over the world.

To obtain for detailed information about the event, please visit metuopen.metu.edu.tr.

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