Having announced the results of “World Reputation Rankings Top 100” in March, English Times Higher Education (THE) has recently released the results of "World University Rankings Top 400 2013-2014". In the list announced on October 2nd, 2013, METU has been ranked in the 201-225 band same as last year. Five Turkish universities were included in THE’s top 400 university list.

 While the first 200 universities were rank ordered by their total scores, the ones in the 201-400 bands were grouped and listed alphabetically within groups of 25. Amongst the universities that took part in the list from Turkey, Boğaziçi University was ranked the 199th. İTÜ was placed in the 201-225, Bilkent University was placed in the 226-250 and Koç University was placed in the 276-300 groups.

 The criteria used in THE rankings are "Research (budget and reputation)", "Impact of Research (citations)", "Teaching and learning environment", "Income from the industry" and "International dimension". The overall ranking score is determined by taking the weighted mean of the scores of these criteria.

Amongst the five Turkish universities, METU, achieved the highest scores in "Research (budget and reputation)" and "Teaching: the learning environment" criteria the same as last year., Boğaziçi University achieved the highest score in “Impact of Research (citations)" criteria, Koç University achieved the highest score in “International Dimension” criteria and İTÜ achieved the highest score in “Income from the Industry” criteria. The data about "Research", "Teaching and learning environment" and "Impact of research" criteria are mostly collected from THE general databases and surveys while "Income from the industry" and "International dimension" criteria depend mostly on universities' declarations.

I congratulate our academic and administrative personnel, who continuously put effort into the improvement of Middle East Technical University, and our students and express my gratitude to them.

With Regards.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Acar
The President of METU


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