An entrepreneurship base from ODTU TEKNOKENT, in Silicon Valley the world-wide renowned technology centre in San Francisco in the USA

T-Jump San Francisco is a US based center founded to foster international growth of Turkish tech ecosystem by supporting Turkish companies with an effective and efficient entry into the US market with comprehensive services, and networking for US based companies.

The centre that has been established with the support of the Ministry of Economy under the ownership of ODTU TEKNOKENT will be serving as an assisting point that would simplify the access of new entrepreneurs and companies over a certain size from Turkey into US market.  Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) and Intel participate as business partners in this undertaking. A signature ceremony was held for ODTU TEKNOKENT San Francisco Centre during the Innovation Week in Izmir, on March 19th-20th, 2015 and Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, the Minister of Economy; Mr. Ufuk Batum, Vice President of ODTU TEKNOKENT together with the executives of the business partners incorporated in the project attended the ceremony emphasizing the necessity of opening such a centre in the home of high-tech corporations and the significance of such a centre for the country.  

T-Jump SF Centre is located in the heart of San Francisco and operated as a One-Stop-Shop to provide a wide variety of services needed for the US expansion of Turkish companies. In order to support the Turkish companies, the center offers;

    • network building,
    • portfolio/technology marketing,
    • business development,
    • sales opportunity follow up,
    • capacity building services.

In that respect, main goals of T-Jump SF are as follows:

    • Supporting Turkish tech companies to expand in the US through investments or sales, and helping high tech R&D studies to be commercialized in the US,
    • Creating awareness about the opportunities in Turkey for US based tech companies, and helping them to expand or build team in Turkey.

T-Jump SF will provide consulting and support services to help Turkish companies research, launch, expand, and succeed in the United States. It offers a comprehensive suite of services that enable companies to be successful in growing their businesses which are developed considering the unique needs of Turkish companies. T-Jump SF will provide end-to-end services for the companies having a promising background to be successful in the US market.

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