With respect to Technology Development Zones (TDZ) Performance Index which was performed by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, once again ODTU Teknokent ranked as the first with 60,45 points, surpassing all other technology development zones.

Technology Development Zones (TDZ) Performance Index was based on 3 categories, 6 dimensions and 36 parameters, by processing the data received from TDZs. In the first dimension of the first index study covering 30 TDRs that were operational by the end of 2011,  supports provided to the management company, exemptions provided to the companies and management company’s expenses have been evaluated within the scope of government subsidies and the expenses of the management company. Within the 2nd dimension, under the scope of R&D competence; R&D projects, expenses and revenues and in the 3rd dimension, import data and company compositions have been evaluated.

Domestic and foreign patent applications and registrations, utility model and brand registrations were included as the 4th dimension, incubation programs and technology transfer office services within the scope of intellectual property rights were evaluated under the 5th dimension and finally, in the 6th dimension, university-industry collaboration, inter-company co-operations and international collaborations were included within the scope of collaboration and interaction.

ODTU Teknokent was followed in the first 5 by the following technoparks; Bilkent Cyberpark (52,54 points), İTÜ Arı Teknokent (50,48 points), Sakarya (46,78 points), and İzmir (45,96 points).

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12/02/2014 - 09:41