With the aim of fostering company-company collaborations ODTÜ TEKNOKENT started its clustering activities and the fact that around 50 % of all the companies located in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT are currently serving the ICT sector ODTÜ TEKNOKENT has established an ICT Cluster. The mission of the ICT Cluster is to bring companies and academicians together, and create an environment where they can reveal innovative R&D projects and achieve international recognition. In order to meet the needs of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ICT Cluster and in order to attract foreign R&D investment ODTU TEKNOKENT ICT Innovation and Experience Center will be established.

As Ankara develops towards west outbound, around MET Campus many attraction places (dining, shopping malls, government offices etc) have been established and public transportation (including subway) coverage has increased vastly.

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ICT Innovation and Experience Center will be built as a Technovative area where citizens, students and entrepreneurs can easily access to experience state-of-the-art technology, can buy relevant goods, can leverage as a platform to demonstrate their innovative ideas/solutions/technologies and can cooperate with leading edge technology companies and with each other.

Technovative area aims to endear and introduce science, R&D and technology to the public at large. Future Technology Show off, Conference and Expo center, Student competition area, Technology museum, etc are planned for this purpose.

Technovative area also aims to provide a platform for leading edge multinational technology companies and entrepreneurs where they can meet and look for all sorts of synergy. In this regard office space for enterprise and entrepreneur companies, R&D departments, and collaboration spaces will be provided in the campus.

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ICT Innovation and Experience Center which will comprise an office space of 13,500 m2, will be built on 33,500 m2 total area, including an 3.500m2 of social sphere. The studies were started on October 2015 for the implementation of the project and the construction period is planned for two years already.

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