ODTÜ Tandem is starting this semester. Registrations are until March 10, 2016.

What is Tandem Language Learning Method?

It is a language learning partnership where two people with different native languages meet regularly to learn each other’s language and culture.


  • Provides the opportunity to learn from a native speaker.
  • Autonomous:
    • The program is shaped according to the learner’s own learning needs.
    • It is the learner who decides on where and when to study.
    • Materials / topics to be covered are chosen by the learner.
  • Based on interaction: enables socialization.
  • Creates opportunities to learn about a different culture closely.
  • Helps the learner to be more aware of his/her native language and own culture.
  • Helps learners to develop individual language learning skills.
  • Based on the principles of life-long learning.
  • Free of charge.

Students who would like to get more information and participate in the program can visit our website at www.tandem.ydyom.metu.edu.tr

Who can join?

All ODTÜ students who know a foreign language at minimum A2+ level (CEFR) and All foreign students who are visiting ODTÜ (e.g.: Erasmus students) and who are learning or wish to learn Turkish.

How to apply?

To apply for Tandem please download and fill in the application form at our website: www.tandem.ydyom.metu.edu.tr.

Then, submit the print-out to MM Building 3rd Floor, Office: 313 OR S Building 1st Floor, Office: 102.

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