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Within the scope of ODTÜ’s 60th Anniversary Honorary Lecture Series Fall Program, Prof. Edward Frenkel will deliver a talk on “ Mathematics and Love in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” on November 26, 2015 Thursday at 14.00 in Culture and Convention Center Kemal Kurdas Hall.

Edward Frenkel, a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, is the winner of the Hermann Weyl Prize in Mathematical Physics. Frenkel has authored  3 books and over 80 scholarly articles in academic journals, and he has lectured on his work around the world. His YouTube videos have garnered over 4 million views combined. Frenkel’s latest book “Love and Math” has been published in more than 10 languages including Turkish version.

In addition to many great studies in his field, Prof. Edward Frenkel also works on Langlands Program, known as “The Grand Unifying Theory of Mathematics” that was formulated by Robert Langlands, an ODTÜ faculty between 1967-1968, and is one of the greatest mathematicians of the World.

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