The new learning management system, ODTÜClass, which has replaced the previous one, METU Online, has been tested and piloted over the fall semester of 2013-2014 academic year with the cooperation of the Instructional Technology Support Office, the Computer Center, and volunteers from ODTÜ academic staff. This system has been launched to serve all ODTÜ academic staff and students as of the fall term of 2014-2015 academic year. It can be accessed via

The log in to the system is through the username and password used for ODTÜ accounts. The system is synchronized with the Student Affairs Information System. In this way, all the courses outlined in the Student Affairs Information System at the beginning of the term will become active in the learning management system, which the academic staff will be authorized to use. Student status is regularly synchronized with the Student Affairs Information System throughout the term, keeping the student lists updated and enabling the information update procedure related to the students who add and drop the courses to be completed in a short time.  

ODTÜClass offers rich instructional tools and communication media to academic staff and students.  The source sharing feature enables users to post assignments and online quizzes. In addition, the gradebook feature allows instructors to evaluate students’ academic activities and announce student grades during the term. It also harbors such services as plagiarism check (Turnitin), email, discussion forum, and announcements.

To familiarize users with this new learning management system, ODTÜClass, the Instructional Technology Support Office is holding hands-on seminars, and the schedules of the future seminars will be announced regularly.  Additionally, a user manual on ODTÜClass has been prepared and the English language version will be made available soon. The ODTÜClass user manual can be accessed through the link "ODTÜClass Kullanıcı Kılavuzu" on the menu on the left on ODTÜClass main page. The video clip below presents some of the experiences of academic staff who participated in the pilot studies on using ODTÜClass. 

Contact information for questions and queries about ODTÜClass can be found below: 


Phone: 210 3571

Address: Instructional Technology Support Office, Next to the Faculty of Education GİSAM No: 7

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