Dear Students and Staff Members,

On account of the General Elections to be held on 7 June 2015, the Higher Education Council (YÖK) has asked universities to change the timing of examinations scheduled for 5-9 June 2015.  Changing the examination dates on such a short notice will cause major difficulties for our students and upset the calendars of Spring/Summer semesters. In order to accommodate our students who need to vote outside the Ankara Province, the University Executive Board has decided to make the following arrangement:

1. In order to avoid delays in resit examinations, the graduation ceremony, and interruptions in the programmed activities of our students, such as summer practices and summer courses, the final examinations scheduled for 5-6 June 2015 will be held at the announced times and places.

2. Those students who will vote in places outside Ankara Province on June 7, on the condition that they, by 16:30 on 4 June 2015 Thursday, apply to the Chair of the Department giving the examination and provide a voter’s card or registration information indicating a voting location outside of Ankara Province, will be given a make-up examination on 10-11 June 2015.

With best wishes and regards.

President’s Office

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08/06/2015 - 15:55