Dear Colleagues, Students and Alumni,

Our university has, for the past 60 years, pioneered and represented an educational understanding that has led to the making of individuals who attach importance to individual, societal and universal values and development, who are qualified in creating and sustaining scientific, technological, cultural and environmental changes, and have internalized the principle of life-long learning, in addition to producing knowledge in a scientific sense and disseminating and using this knowledge in serving the public.

The work carried out in the areas of education, research and community services and the national/international awards received by the members of our university during the past year are significant indicators of the contribution we have made to science and to society. I also believe that these endeavors are meaningful and invaluable signs of the power we hold as scientists in our respective fields to transform the pessimism created by the recently intensifying terror events into hope by channeling our efforts towards producing for a better world. With such an understanding, with the same responsibility and enthusiasm, I believe that we will continue to contribute with our work in education and research in a vigorous, competent and decisive manner in the year 2017.

While wishing all METU members healthy, happy and successful days with their loved ones in the New Year, I hope 2017 will be a year of social unity and solidarity full of peace, love and hope both for our both country and the world.

With affection and respect,

Prof. Mustafa Verşan Kök

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30/12/2016 - 16:30