Application Deadline: 13 January 2014

Animation Technologies and Game Development Center (ATOM) will host Global Game Jam for the sixth time with the collaboration of METU Informatics Institute and METU Technopolis. The event will be held between 24-26 January 2014, at METU Culture and Convention Center.

Game Jam, known also as “Innovative Game Development Marathon”, is an activity where participants gather with the aim of developing video games within a limited amount of time. Each participant, work in a small group of members in order to develop a completed game project, based on a theme or selected keyword. In such a short amount of time, having constraints on game development encourages game developers to be creative and games developed in game jams turn out to be innovative and unique.

In GGJ ATOM, which is supported by the leading finance and technology companies, TEB and Microsoft, game developers will have the chance to improve their development skills and experience this unique opportunity to work with other developers.

In 2013, a total of 319 event locations from 63 different countries participated to GGJ. Over 16000 jammers developed more than 3200 games. At GGJ ATOM, 110 jammers formed 26 groups and developed 31 different games.

To celebrate talents and game development culture together,

All developers and game enthusiasts are kindly invited to GGJ

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