Leading entrepreneurship contest that is organized by METU and ODTÜ Teknokent has attracted great interest in 2013. This year 1071 applications have been made, which is the highest score of the application that has been reached for the NINB from its start.

777 new work ideas (projects) have been submitted from the university students and new graduates. These numbers not only impress the importance that entrepreneurs give to the NINB but also the increase in the attention that is given to the technology based entrepreneurship.  

What Will Happen Now?

Now the NINB competitors will face riveting and educational process.

After passing the preliminary assessing, the projects will be evaluated by experienced academic staff, investors, managers and business people. At the end of this evaluation top 30 projects will pass to the second stage where they can benefit from support systems.

What Will the Entrepreneurs Win?

The owner of top 30 projects will have “Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Education” for 100 hrs where all the modules will be covered by leading professionals. Also the owners or top executives of tech companies will be appointed to the teams for coaching. While all the intellectual and industrial property rights are taken cover, contesters will gain experience from the full process.

Top three projects will be awarded 100.000 TL separately from Elginkan Foundation, Undersecretairat for Defence Industries and Turkcell and free office space will be given by ODTÜ Teknokent. Four special (25.000 TL) awards given by OSTİM, Denizbank, Aselsan ve Çalık Yedaş separately, will also support the entrepreneurs to set up their own business.

NINB will be an experience and educational process not only for the winners but also for the participants. So everyone wins from NINB!

NINB with its financially 1.5 million TL worth support, helps the one with good ideas but not enough money to make their dreams come true.

You can follow the developments via www.yfyi.com and twitter @yfyi. Don’t miss the big finals which will be held in 2nd of November 2013.


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10/10/2013 - 14:45