DAS (Seminars Between Semesters) events took place in 4 halls and 48 sessions simultaneously with great interest and participation in 2013, for the first time. DAS includes subjects from various fields unlike any symposium. DAS aims to update the knowledge of participants from different fields, enhancing their interdisciplinary relations and versatility with highly experienced professors.

Great interest and participation to seminars in 2013 motivated us to plan ODTÜ DAS on February 10th-11th and 12th in 6 halls and 72 sessions. To determine the levels of the seminars according to participants’ level of knowledge, registration will be acquired. Participation is free and those who fill out the questionnaire participate the lottery and get chance to win books and training gifts.

University student and non-students, academics, non-academics all will be welcome to ODTÜ. We believe that you will find very interesting seminars in 72 sessions.     

For the programme and registration information http://sem.metu.edu.tr/

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