Incorporating the activities of bringing the knowledge produced in the university into society and economy, “Academic Entrepreneurship” plays a big role in the commercialization of inventions. In this context, the second “Academic Entrepreneurship” training, which was first organized by METU TTO on February 11, 2017, will be organized on METU Technopark on Saturday, May 27,2017. “Business Model-Canvas” which was addressed in the first training with its key points and which is the first and most important stage of the entrepreneurship process in education will be explained in practice.

Participation in “Academic Entrepreneurship” training, which supports entrepreneurship activities that allow the commercialization of technology developed in universities, is limited to 15 people. 

Please send an e-mail to to participate in the program expected to be beneficial for the academic staff who own a company or would like to establish their own companies.

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