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The integrated 'Student Portal’ has been redesigned and activated on 22 December 2017. Through its use at , you can have access to the programs on OIBS from a single address and log into the following sections using your central system user code and password:

* Online Applications (English Proficiency, Application for Double Major/Minor Programs, Transfer Applications, Resit Examinations, Registration Cancellation, Application for Military (graduate students) Procedures, Ms Phd Applications, Erasmus+ ICM (Non-European), Erasmus Traineeship Application, Erasmus Europe, Payback Application, Application for Scholarship/Dormitory, Identity Card Application

* Academic and Personal Information (Address Updating, Academic Transcript, Score Card, Course Program, Curriculum, Ms Phd Advisor Assignment,  Student Messaging System, User Account Management System)

* Various lists and reports (View Program Details, View Program Course Details, View Student Course Categories, Student Course Evaluation, View Student Course Categories, English Proficiency Exam Results).

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