The need for a new structuring has been felt in order for the Research and Applications Centers of our University to conduct their research activities more effectively, to render the infrastructure of the centers accessible to a higher number of researchers in our University, to enable the development of interdisciplinary projects among the Centers and to increase the contribution of our University’s priority-area research activities to the industry and society.

This structuring, which has been designed as ODTÜ Research Park, where our Research and Applications Centers will coexist, aims at both addressing their spatial needs and increasing the communication among Centers as well as their interaction within and outside the university. In the same vein, the research resources of our university will be utilized more efficiently and effectively through the shared use of specialized spaces of varied functions such as laboratories and clean rooms.

A comprehensive research and planning process aimed at the spatial design of the ODTÜ Research Park was conducted with the participation of various Centers between 2012 and 2014. The design was completed following this process in accordance with the parameters obtained and the construction started in 2015. This structure with an indoor area of approximately 23.000 m2 houses laboratories and research areas, conference and meeting halls, seminar rooms, exhibition areas, research offices and social spaces. The Research Park has been designed so as to provide spatial support for new research clusters and centers in addition to the Centers to move there in the initial stage. 

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