The first and the most successful Acceleration Program of Turkey New Ideas New Business (YFYİ) organized by ODTÜ and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT opens up the way to international market together with San Francisco center T-JUMP the collaboration of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT for the youth and young technology companies.


YFYİ continues to support youth and young technology companies since the first day of 2017 term with its new structure and technology based ideas that provide acceleration, supports commercialization process in United States and enable to foster together with international investors from the initial day.

YFYİ acceleration program is mostly performed in San Francisco, the heart of entrepreneurship

The initiatives at idea stage or at early stage, for which prototypes are ready, will be prepared for a 7 weeks USA camp through the pre-acceleration and bootcamp that will be organized in Turkey. The entrepreneurs, who are successful in the program in Turkey, will perform an intense training, mentorship and network activities within the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and they will accelerate their launch in USA market. In October 2017, successful YFİ initiatives opened in Silicon Valley will come to the stage in Turkey on the demo day in front of the ecosystem and.

Investment and Capital Support Opportunity for YFYİ Inıtiatives

The initiatives that will be accelerated through intense mentorship and trainings will be presented to national and international investors through ODTÜ TEKNOKENT and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT San Francisco center T-JUMP throughout this program.  The entrepreneurs who are successfully graduated from this program may catch up the chance to receive investment after being accessed within T-JUMP Ventures portfolio. The entrepreneurs who are included in the ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ecosystem through YFYİ benefit this network and will be in contact with investor stakeholders.

YFYİ entrepreneurs, who are not incorporated yet, may also take the opportunity for incorporating by obtaining 150.000 TL TÜBİTAK BİGG Technoinvestment Capital Support through ODTÜ TEKNOKENT’s T-BİGG program.

Offices in Turkey and San Francisco for Young Technology Companies

The entrepreneurs who are successfully graduated from YFYİ acceleration program may hire an office for one year free of charge at ODTÜ TEKNOKENT Incubation Center and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT’s San Francisco center T-JUMP.

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT Inıtiatives and Achievements

Within the scope of YFYİ until today more than 6500 business ideas were assessed; core capital more than 2 million US Dollars provided for the teams; more than 110 patent applications were made, and establishment of more than 200 technology based company and creating more than 750 employment were supported. During last 12 years, our YFYİ companies started to take investments from international institutions and selling their products in global markets through their breaking through achievements.

The founders of one of the most popular social content platforms of Turkey Onedio are also YFYİ entrepreneurs. The company which received more than 4 million dollars investment is within ODTÜ TEKNOKENT.

YFYI initiative Evreka which converted the garbage containers into smart containers by means of wireless sensors became one of the leader companies in waste collection sector that renders services both in domestic and international markets received total 2,7 million TL investment from 500 Startups, Sankonline, Nexus Ventures and Filip Minasyan 740 thousand dollars respectively.

Many successful companies such as smart baby and baby sitter monitoring service Invidyo, ISSD that manages most of the smart transportation systems smart, Btech Innovation which provides 3D printing solutions for aviation, medical, defense and automotive sectors are also the graduates of New Ideas New Business Acceleration program.

Please visit in order to apply to YFYİ which aims to provide the opportunity of receiving investment during establishment, creating accelerated incorporation and international achievement stories and to obtain detailed information.

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