Continuing Education Center Half Term Break Seminars (SEM-DAS) program will be taking place within the work hours in four separate halls simultaneously during 29-30-31 January, 2013. Each seminar will take 75 minutes including lecture, questions and answers. Some presentations consist of several sessions.

Registration for the program will begin in January 4th, 2013. Registration is mandatory for seminars. Confirmations will be requested 10 days before the seminars from the first 30 applicants and thus, the printing of the tickets will be made possible. Attendants are expected to bring the print outs of their tickets since there is a place for every ticket.

The number of attendees is limited to 30. Applicants in the list will be invited with respect to their list numbers if any of the first 30 applicants do not attend.

For detailed information about the seminars and the registration page, please refer to

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