The requests made by students and ÖTK representatives at different places and times and as requested by the Office of the President, at the meeting regarding “METU Cafeteria and Dining Facilities”, have been taken into consideration.

In order for more students to benefit from the cafeteria service and to improve the quality of the service, the service will be further worked on.

  • Beginning from Spring 2012-2013 term:
  • Decreasing of sing meal table d’hote prices to below 2.00 TL;
  • A discount for stuednts that use the cafeteria frequently;
  • Opening a fund to prevent the interference of discounts with current food and dormitory grants;
  • Increasing of the frequency of the busses in the campus area during noon and afternoon to facilitate the transportation to the cafeteria;
  • Increasing the duration in which the cafeteria serves food during noon and afternoon;
  • Doing a research about the possibility of extending the cafeteria service to weekends and different locations;
  • Making a survey about the quality of the cafeteria service and other dining services in the campus.


Best regards,

Office of the President

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02/12/2013 - 16:29