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Here, you may find various information about Middle East Technical University and also access the entry points for some popular Internet tools and information sources.

METU's International Summer School

Bu yıl yüksek lisans veya doktora programlarına başvuracak öğrencilerin dikkatine...

Öğrenci Kayıt Özeti / Student Registration Status

Rektörlük Ana Sayfası (President's Office Home Page)

WWW Gateway to METU Library (Test Release)


Türkiye`de INTERNET üzerinden canlı yayın yapan ilk radyo istasyonu.

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METU Library Online Public Access Catalog

METU Computer Center's Services

You should visit METU-CC's Online Library, to look at the Webster Dictionary, WWW Atlas of Turkey, METU Phone Book, CISN, Unix Man Pages, etc. Also, Turkish Newspapers' Headings are archived there.

WWW Mirrors

Internet Services in Turkey

Here, some pointers are provided to the local services available in METU and neighbours.

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