MEHMETCİK PAMUK                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Middle East Technical University
mpamuk at
(312) 210 2989    M 124

Professional Experience:
Asst. Prof. METU 2009 - present
Postdoctoral Fellow Koc University 2008 - 09
Ph.D. McMaster University 2008
M.S. METU 2002
B.S. METU 1999

Algebraic and Geometric Topology

Papers:   Homotopy self-equivalences of 4-manifolds with \pi_1-free second homotopy, J. Math Soc. Japan, 63 (3) 2011
Full Lutz twist along the binding of an open book (with B. Ozbagci), Geom. Dedicata 147 (1) 2010
Homotopy Self-Equivalences of 4-manifolds with Free Fundamental Group, Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 62 2010
Homotopy Self-Equivalences of 4-manifolds with PD_2 Fundamental Group, Topology and its Applications, 156 (8) 2009

Preprints: s-Cobordism Classification of Manifolds Through the group of Homotopy Self-Equivalences(with F. Hegenbarth and D. Repovs),submitted. Arbitrarily Long Factorizations in Mapping Class Groups, (with E. Dalyan and M. Korkmaz), submitted.
Homotopy Classification of PD_4-complexes Relative an Order Relation, (with F. Hegenbarth and  D. Repovs), in preparation.

Math 118 -  Calculus II
 Math 353 - Complex Variables and Applications

Mathematics ArXiv
Gokova Geometry & Topology Conferences